The CyberSN Marketplace Explained

In this blog - the third in our series addressing the cybersecurity career and hiring crisis - we introduce the CyberSN marketplace, the one-stop destination for all cybersecurity career and staffing needs. To learn more about the cybersecurity career crisis and how to solve it, check out our previous blogs

At CyberSN we recognize that both individuals and organizations need to be matched with the roles and professionals that best fit them, which is why we’ve developed a brand new solution. The CyberSN Marketplace unites confidential public profiles and organizations looking to hire cybersecurity professionals under one platform, providing them with no-cost access to the jobs, tools, information, and professional connections they need.


The CyberSN Marketplace: Career and Hiring Center

For Professionals - Career Center

In the Career Center, professionals create a confidential public profile rather than just uploading a resume, with their critical task and project experience as the main focus. Employers can then find them without the need for any individual to share their identity on a public platform. This allows professionals to connect with their choice of best-fit jobs without fear of reprisal or unconscious hiring biases, helping to promote diversity and inclusive behaviors within the hiring process.

Using their confidential public profiles, professionals can search and apply to jobs on the CyberSN platform, share jobs with their network, and ultimately let jobs apply to them. Employers are able to source individuals based on the unique task and project information in their job description, giving them the opportunity to reach out even to passive job seekers.

As well as increasing the chances of finding a best-fit job, the CyberSN profile is an effective way of assessing: skills to develop, past projects worked on, and potential training opportunities. Professionals can streamline their career development by using their profile for performance reviews, mapping which certifications they require, and negotiating salary increases. By empowering individuals to know their worth, CyberSN profiles give professionals more control over their career development. 

The CyberSN Career Center also allows professionals to browse CyberSN’s exclusive Job Taxonomy consisting of ten job categories and 45 functional cybersecurity roles, from executive management to analyst and everything in between. By using this Job Taxonomy, we provide easily searchable access to every cybersecurity job currently posted in the United States (at date of publication, this number was over 65,000 postings), streamlining the job search process for the professional. Our taxonomy also provides us with a common language of role titles to be used across the platform, allowing us to effectively match professionals with roles and streamline communications. 


For Hiring Teams - Hiring Center

The CyberSN Marketplace enhances CyberSN’s established agency staffing services. From our free job description builder to our full-service staffing offerings, our Hiring Center provides a better way to find and retain the right professionals for every role.

Tailored toward SEO and applicant tracking systems, our free job description builder uses the same common language as our CyberSN professionals’ profiles, categorized within our 10 role categories and 45 functionals roles to ensure quick and easy matching. Organizations can either create and export job descriptions for free or engage with CyberSN’s pool of engaged professionals by posting their jobs to our Marketplace. Professional profiles are then matched to the job based on the tasks and projects that they have completed and those that the role requires. 

Our Hiring Center is one of the only providers of comparable cybersecurity salary information, offering up-to-date data that helps organizations understand the market, craft better job descriptions, and communicate successfully with new hires. Certification mapping and career pathing provides the professional development tools needed to carry out annual reviews with existing staff and identify skills gaps within teams. By leveraging the Hiring Center’s resources, organizations are equipped to hire staff that love their job, improving retention and inspiring long-term changes to company culture. 


Provider Exchange 

The CyberSN Provider Exchange, part of our Marketplace, offers a directory of relevant training, products, and event resources for both cyber professionals and organizations. Products and services featured on the Provider Exchange range from diversity & inclusion solutions to hands-on training, penetration testing, professional services organizations, and more. Our entire community of cybersecurity professionals and organizations can access CyberSN’s Provider Exchange for free, making it a go-to catalog for any and all cybersecurity career needs. 

Joining the Provider Exchange puts your products and services in front of our ecosystem of engaged cybersecurity professionals, allowing us to come together in support of the industry with the resources required to collectively achieve success. You can find more information on joining the provider exchange here


The CyberSN Platform

The crown jewel of the new CyberSN Marketplace is the cybersecurity industry’s first ‘Deep Job Platform’. Our platform goes beyond simple job listings, providing products and features that complement all posted jobs and speak the language of cybersecurity. The platform organizes our 66,000+ jobs and 28,000+ professional profiles based on tasks and projects, classifying them into the ten job categories and 45 functional cybersecurity roles that make up our Job Taxonomy.

As well as making our jobs easily searchable and understandable, using the common language of our Job Taxonomy means that communication is smoother and more accessible. This is particularly important within cybersecurity, as it is a complex and ever-changing field. The CyberSN platform matches professionals to jobs based on their confidential public profile, so individuals are matched to roles based on what really matters -  their task and project experience - and nothing else.


Join the community

Our Marketplace is now the go-to network for jobs, career expertise, and resources for the cybersecurity industry. We see the cybersecurity hiring crisis as a matter of national security and consider it our mission to fix the broken job searching system that exists today.

With the launch of the Marketplace, CyberSN is providing all the tools and connections that are needed for any type of cyber professional to Pwn Their Career and for hiring firms to build their teams fast and to last. This means matching individuals with organizations effectively, ultimately boosting career satisfaction and improving employee retention.