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Lower cyber risk by empowering your internal recruiters to fill your leadership and individual contributor roles in 45 days or less.

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Save 50% of
staffing costs
50+ hours in
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Case Study
Leveraging CyberSN's Talent Matching Service: Zions Bancorporation Fills 10 Cyber Roles with Only 45 Candidates
Director of Security
Director of Information Security - Risk
Sr. Manager, Cyber Defense Continuous Assurance
Manager of Cyber Incident Responses
Security Manager
IAM Engineer
Incident Responder (X2)
Cyber Resilience Security Analyst
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
You’ve done not only the work to make sure they’re qualified and the skills match, but they’re also open to opportunities and interested in engagement.
Kevin Welch
IT Recruiting Manager
Zions Bancorporation
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How it Works
We provide you a CyberSN Talent Acquisition Specialist

Together we discuss your job openings, your budget, and build custom job descriptions using our taxonomy aligned and extended upon the NICE Framework.

We source & match
We identify cybersecurity professionals who are qualified and interested in your job. We find them, vet them, and sell them on your opportunity.
You receive vetted, qualified, and interested cyber professionals
We conduct an expansive search through all our channels, interviewing all potential candidates and qualifying them for your job and your culture. We share their CyberSN Profile, our interview notes, why they are interested, and when they are available to speak with you over the next five business days.
You do the rest
Your internal talent team manages the hiring process after the match. You can hire as many of the candidates we provide as you want with no placement fee.
Receive vetted and qualified cyber professionals that are interested in your role and match your requirements:
Job Responsibilities
Citizenship Status

If you have multiple roles for the same position you can save even more money.

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The CyberSN Difference

CyberSN's Taxonomy provides a shared cybersecurity language between employers and professionals, delivering mutual understanding and alignment. Our Taxonomy is aligned and extended upon the NICE Framework and standardizes cybersecurity projects and tasks into 10 categories and 45 functional roles. Our Cybersecurity Talent Matching Service leverages this taxonomy to accurately match cybersecurity talent to open positions, offering you significant time and cost savings with the hiring process.

Product Security
workspace of a cybersecurity professional seeking a cybersecurity role

The Risk of Leaving Cyber Roles Open

Declining morale and satisfaction within your security teams
Reduced response capabilities and efficiency due to understaffing
Heightened vulnerability to data breaches and cyber attacks
Additional workload leading to employee burnout
Stop Paying High Staffing Fees and Start Paying Low Matching Fees.
Save 50% of staffing costs
Completed in 45 days or less
100% money back guarantee