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Cyber Subject Matter Experts as Contractors

At CyberSN, we make hiring cybersecurity contractors easy. We understand that organizations have to use both capital and operational budgets when hiring, highlighting the great need for experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Short Term or Long Term Projects

Recognizing that cyber needs vary, we provide contract, contract-to-perm, and SOW work across all 45 cybersecurity roles.

Lower Costs & Higher Satisfaction
Delivering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing contractor satisfaction, avoiding high cybersecurity consulting prices for clearly defined work.
Comprehensive Benefits for Contractors
Ensuring our cybersecurity contractors have access to healthcare benefits, vacation time, career training, and industry trade shows.
How it Works
We provide you a CyberSN Talent Acquisition Specialist
Together we discuss your job opening and your budget, building a custom job description that will attract qualified cybersecurity professionals.
We source & match
We conduct an expansive search through all our channels, interviewing all potential cybersecurity candidates and qualifying them for your job and your culture.
We manage the process with strong communication
We prepare each cybersecurity candidate for interviews, provide feedback, and guide you on the right offer to make.
Without CyberSN, it would be like a mechanic missing a critical tool in their tool chest. You absolutely need to have an external industry expert that's a talent magnet working on your behalf. If you don't, it doesn't mean you can't get the job done. It just means the job is going to be exceptionally harder.
Ryan Weeks, Chief Information Security Officer, Datto, Inc.

The CyberSN Difference

Through our taxonomy, we clearly define cyber projects and tasks across 10 categories and 45 functional roles, providing a shared language that delivers alignment between employers and professionals.

CyberSN’s Taxonomy is aligned and extended upon with NICE Framework, ensuring accurate matching and reducing the cost to match cybersecurity talent to contract jobs. Therefore, we can pass these savings on to you. 
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Cybersecurity Domains
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