Hiring talent at a zero unemployment rate requires a recruiting investment. Let us help you.

Deidre Diamond Founder & CEO
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

We want to make a difference so you are happy at work.

Dawn Saenz Director of Staffing
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

I love sharing our story and hearing yours – I view all clients as strategic. Let's talk.

Veronica Mollica VP of Cyber Security Staffing
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

We’re recruiters by title and salespeople by heart. Our founder built the Rapid7 sales model — many of us were on that team and now we find your cyber security sales talent.

Ryan Andaluz Managing Director, Software and Cyber Sales
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

Great salespeople create win/win conversations and are extremely transparent. Work with CyberSN and see for yourself.

Adrianna Iadarola Director of Staffing, Northeast
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

We're fast and efficient. You’ll want to partner with us for life and that’s what we want too.

Amy Knoell Director of Cybersecurity Staffing and Recruiting
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

I care about how you think, feel and perceive. You will be respected and heard with us. We are here to listen and help.

Travis Monson Cybersecurity Recruiting Manager
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

Open security jobs are our clients top vulnerabilities and I am excited to be part of a modern approach to security.

Launa Rich Managing Director
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler

Job searching is broken. We will make sure you don't feel it!

Lance Lewandowski Manager of Staffing Services
Making Hiring and Job Searching Simpler
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Our Vision

To transform employment searching through a technology platform using a common language, in order to simplify the information needed to find and hire qualified professionals, while significantly lowering the cost of talent acquisition.

Our Mission

To dramatically decrease the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching for Cybersecurity Professionals.

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Deidre Diamond - Founder and CEO

With over 20 years spent leading technology and cybersecurity organizations, Deidre Diamond offers a great perspective on the issues that matter most in our industry. She speaks frequently about hiring in cybersecurity, the lack of women in tech and cyber, and soft skills development. Email us about having Deidre speak at your next event.

888.446.7104x2650 diamond@cybersn.com
Upcoming Events
Uniting Women in Cybersecurity
05/17/2019 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Key Bridge Marriott - Arlington, VA

Uniting Women in Cyber (UWIC) is a program designed to celebrate the success of women leaders thriving in today’s cybersecurity ecosystem and to identify and address issues that may be preventing more women from reaching critical leadership. Deidre Diamond will speak on the "Hiring and Moving Up" panel at 3:00 pm. 

BSides New Hampshire
Southern New Hampshire University

Security BSides is coming to the Granite State! Join us at BSides New Hampshire 2019.

Day of Shecurity Presents
05/21/2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Instacart, San Francisco, CA

Keep an eye out for news about our next Day of Shecurity Presents at Instacart. These networking events bring together an IQ speaker and EQ speaker and support diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity community of San Francisco.

  • CyberSN is the first recruitment service that actually wanted to know me off paper. They truly care about finding a position to enhance your abilities and ensure you achieve a great work/life balance. This is what recruiting should be.

    - Christopher, Security Analyst, Massachusetts
  • Everyone at CyberSN has been wonderful in guiding my career into security. I have had multiple talks with multiple team members and each time they get me closer to a new job that I like.

    - Joe, Junior Security Engineer, Boston, Integration Organization
  • Deidre, I wanted you to know that our CIO said he hasn't ever experienced staffing services like yours!

    - David, Chief Security Engineer, Medical Instruments Fortune 500 company
  • You rock! I am so thankful for your service; mostly that you always respond when I reach out and you share your progress on my behalf. Thank you Deidre and CyberSN.

    - Chris, Security Operations Specialist, MA
  • CyberSN was a great resource for my new job. Having a talent agent made things less stressful and I felt more comfortable in the interviews; I never knew there was such a service for Cybersecurity Professionals. =I am so thankful that I met CyberSN: the job they helped me get is awesome!

    - Thomas, Operation Security Analyst, CA
  • You only staff Cybersecurity Professionals? Oh, goodness, that makes me so happy. We need your help.

    - Dawn, Fortune 100 Dir. of Security, MA
  • CyberSN was incredible. Having a talent agent is the best; I never knew there was such a service for cybersecurity professionals. I am so thankful that I met CyberSN: the offer they helped me generate was fantastic!

    - Adam, Cybersecurity Network Engineer, CA
  • I have never worked with a recruiter that takes a vested interest in my job search. CyberSN is a refreshing change from the run of the mill staffing firms out there these days.

    - Jon, Senior Security Engineer, Financial Institution
  • You are the most unique recruiter I have ever worked with. Not only do you give me the scoop on the position and the employer via Google Docs, but you also fight hard to give me all the prep info you can so I can do a better job on the interview. You are amazing and tenacious!

    - Kevin, Information Security Engineer, Fortune 500 Computer Services Company
  • Part of the reason I stop looking for jobs or give up in the middle is because the process is so long it's not worth the hassle; it seems like CyberSN eliminates the hassle.

    - Steve, Manager of Information Technology, FL
Our Clients
  • Healthcare and benefits management software development company
  • International cinema company
  • Threat Intel company
  • Producer of consumer IoT and networking devices
  • New England-based healthcare system
  • Medical technology company
  • Financial holding company
  • Global asset management company
  • New England-headquartered financial client
  • Large insurance provider
  • Historic mutual fund
  • Mobile payment company
  • Nonprofit educational institution
  • Health services company
  • Information Security Consulting Service Provider
  • Fortune 500 International conglomerate
  • Security software company
  • International EDR
  • Endpoint security company
  • Award-winning CDN provider
  • Email security company
  • Workforce management software company
  • Bug Bounty manager
  • Data-flow software company