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We focus on providing cybersecurity professionals and companies with the expertise, information, tools, and services they need to maximize career success, job satisfaction, team performance, diversity, and retention.
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Deidre Diamond

Founder and CEO

Tech industry veteran, Deidre Diamond, leverages her deep cybersecurity staffing and leadership expertise to guide the success of CyberSN. As Founder and CEO of the largest US technology and services cybersecurity talent acquisition firm in the country, she is a passionate advocate for building diverse, multi-talented teams. Deidre also founded the non-profit, Secure Diversity, which promotes diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Combining 25 years of experience working in technology and staffing, Deidre has a genuine love for the cybersecurity community and has built large-scale sales and operations teams at companies such as Rapid7 and Motion Recruitment where she achieved high performances. She has created cultures based on an ‘anything is possible’ attitude that allows people to achieve above and beyond the usual. By establishing an open communication framework throughout the CyberSN organization, she has created cultures of positive energy, career advancement and kindness that enables teams to reach beyond peak performance and have fun at work.

Deidre encourages the use of EQ skills (Emotional Intelligence skills) of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills, and empathy, which are applied by choosing words and behaviors that reflect consideration for each other.

Dom Glavach

Chief Security and Technology Officer

Mr. Glavach is CyberSN’s Chief Security and Technology Officer leading all cybersecurity strategy, policy, IT operations, security engineering, security operations, data privacy, and cyber threat detection. He is on the forefront of CyberSN’s platform taxonomy research and development, serves as a trusted cyber advisor, subject matter expert to strategic clients, cybersecurity and strategic diligence advisor for Private Equity clients in support of mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to CyberSN, Mr. Glavach spent twenty years working with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) where he served as the Chief Information Security Officer and Research Fellow. He played a critical role in the company’s cyber risk management, providing cyber technical leadership and subject matter expertise to commercial and government clients. Mr. Glavach served as member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Cyber Committee, chairing a subcommittee on Vehicle and Embedded Systems Cyber Security, with an exceptional background and expertise in cyber risk management as well as specializing in cyber attack methods and countermeasures, cyber forensics and incident response. He has presented on cloud forensics, cyber adversaries and advanced persistent threats to a wide range of public and government audiences including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA).

Debby Maggio

EVP of Finance & HR

Debby came to CyberSN with 20+ years of back office experience in the staffing services industry. She loves what she does and works hard to keep CyberSN's employees and clients satisfied and enriched while simultaneously ensuring the company is protected and compliant. Debby joined CyberSN in 2016 and adores being in business with this amazing group of colleagues. 

Debby recently moved back to California after two decades in the Boston area and is rediscovering her love of hiking and exploring the outdoors. She's busy juggling many life roles, but mom is her favorite title. Debby graduated from CSUSB and was very happy to put her Womens' Studies minor to work by getting CyberSN certified as a Woman Owned Business in 2021.

Erik Ligda

Director of Product Management

Erik is the product owner of the CyberSN deep job platform. Prior to joining CyberSN, Erik worked for a US government contractor providing cybersecurity expertise. Erik enjoys the challenges of redefining the job searching experience for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Chad Loder

VP of Security Solutions

Chad Loder is a cybersecurity industry pioneer and two-time successful startup founder. In 2000, Chad co-founded Rapid7 as its VP of Engineering, leading the company's global R&D teams for nearly 15 years until Rapid7’s IPO in 2015 for $900 million.

In 2017, Chad co-founded the groundbreaking cybersecurity startup Habitu8, where Chad served as CEO and steered the company to a successful acquisition by ArcticWolf in 2021. Chad firmly believes that investing in the workforce and building a strong security culture is the key to reducing the likelihood of data breaches.

As a prominent member of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council’s PCI-DSS Vulnerability Management working group, Chad made significant contributions to the PCI-DSS standards, which are crucial for securing payment processing systems. Chad is also an early pioneer in applied artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, holding seven foundational patents in AI, security scanning, and web application security.

Chad has also served as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), building world-class security programs for publicly-traded technology companies. Chad joined CyberSN as VP of Security Solutions, where Chad’s expertise is leveraged across all CyberSN Workforce Risk Management Solutions and Platforms. Chad’s unique experience in founding cybersecurity companies and products, such as Rapid7 and Habitu8, aligns perfectly with CyberSN’s mission to lower risk and empower security leaders.

Travis Monson


Travis has been with CyberSN since 2017 where he has worked closely with security leaders on finding and placing cybersecurity talent. He manages and trains a team of recruiters on how to find and represent cybersecurity professionals. Travis has volunteered and supported cybersecurity conferences including Day of Shecurity, ShellCon, Secure Diversity, and BSidesSF. He graduated from Golden Gate University with a BS in Business Administration and Management.

Outside of work, he is a food tour guide of San Francisco’s Ferry Building and Mission District. He writes about San Francisco for local news sources including SFGATE, for whom he wrote an article on walking every street of San Francisco. Travis is also an Eagle Scout and loves to explore the outdoors.

Dawn Saenz


Dawn was the first hire at CyberSN to be a part of our CEO's vision and this great cybersecurity community she's grown to love.

Dawn is an avid ballet dancer and dog lover.

Michaela Helms

Senior Recruiter

Michaela graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Professional Legal Studies. Originally, she planned to attend law school after graduation, but after working in Civil Litigation she realized her aspirations were more aligned with those found in the staffing industry. She joined CyberSN in 2021 where she discovered her love for cybersecurity, and hasn't looked back since!

Marissa Notaro

Marketing Director

Marissa Notaro is a highly creative and results-driven marketer based in New York with over 5 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Iona University and has a proven track record in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns that generate leads and increase NFI.

As the Marketing Director at CyberSN, Marissa plays a pivotal and multifaceted role encompassing content creation, event and partnerships management, social media strategy, website management, and driving new business initiatives. Her expertise in identifying growth opportunities and translating them into actionable plans has contributed to significant business growth.

Marissa's outstanding marketing achievements include implementing a highly successful lead nurturing program, yielding over $1 million in NFI without marketing spend. Her outstanding contributions have been recognized with the USA Operations MVP Award from Phaidon International, and she has been honored with the Marketing Department Award from Iona University.

Passionate about creating impactful marketing solutions, Marissa is dedicated to propelling businesses forward and fostering their success. With her expertise, drive, and commitment to excellence, she consistently strives to make a tangible difference and achieve outstanding results in every marketing endeavor.
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