Solving the cybersecurity career crisis

We’re facing a cybersecurity career crisis. Cybersecurity professionals are feeling underutilized, underheard, and overworked, with resumes and job descriptions lacking the information professionals need to find jobs and fill roles successfully. Following on from the challenges outlined in our last blog, how can we eliminate settling within the cybersecurity industry and ensure that both individuals and organizations are matched with their best fit?

A common language

By using a standardized taxonomy of roles and job functions within cybersecurity, we can make sure that job descriptions and profiles, (aka resumes), are understood across the board. With a shared understanding of role names and their relation to one another, one can easily browse and search for the jobs or cyber professionals they need. By focusing on tasks and projects, professionals can easily deduce what is expected of them from our job descriptions. This also allows hiring teams to effectively communicate the industry experience needed for new hires, saving them time and money in the process.

As a result of using a common language and standardized role descriptions, 53% of professionals that were placed by CyberSN over the past 4.5 years are still working for the same company. This means that CyberSN candidates are staying far longer in their roles than the national average. Within the federal government, 27% of all cybersecurity staff hired over the past five years left within a year.

Confidential public profiles

When matching professionals with roles based on tasks and projects alone, we don’t need to know personal information like gender, age, or race. By creating and using confidential public profiles, professionals can find and be found by jobs that match based purely on their unique experience, eliminating unconscious biases and fear of reprisal. When these profiles use a common language that makes sense to the employer, job seekers can effectively communicate the value of their experience and what they have to offer, giving them an effective tool for evaluations and salary reviews.

Resources that resonate

Existing job boards and public social networks lack the resources that cybersecurity professionals really need. Cybersecurity professionals are empowered to know their worth and plan their next move thanks to CyberSN’s salary information, career pathing, and certification planning, available in our Career Center. Employers are able to use these resources to educate their hiring teams, improve their job descriptions, and find matches fast.

By using a common language to describe job responsibilities, and with access to confidential public profile creation and unified career resources, cybersecurity professionals are equipped to Pwn Their Career. This means professionals can find jobs that truly fit their criteria while having access to the career support they need. This sets professionals up for a career where they are judged on their merit, not their personal information.

Equally, organizations and hiring teams can build teams faster and to last, resulting in retention that far surpasses industry averages. In an era of individualism, coming together to understand and communicate our worth and seek education on diversity, inclusion, and emotional intelligence is the only way to achieve workplace happiness and personal success, while addressing our national cybersecurity crisis.

A new system

Once we realized this at CyberSN, we knew we had to design a new system. This meant developing a brand new, dedicated resource that provides no-cost access to the resources that a cybersecurity professional needs to Pwn Their Career. The CyberSN Marketplace is now the cybersecurity industry’s first ‘deep’ job platform. Between self-service options in the Marketplace, and full-service staffing offerings, CyberSN is now the premier one-stop-destination for all cybersecurity career and staffing needs.


Find out more about the brand new CyberSN marketplace with a breakdown of the key features in our next blog.