Emotional intelligence skills

Support retention and workplace happiness with EQ skills

What is EQ?

EQ (emotional quotient) is a measurement of a person’s emotional intelligence, or their ability to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. EQ is one of the key drivers of happiness at work and an essential aspect of managing people, particularly in the cybersecurity industry.

As supporters of improving work-life balance and employee retention, we believe that teaching EQ skills is a must.

All people want the same 7 things at work

1. To feel valued
2. Measureable agreements of roles and responsibilities
3. Positive, productive communication
4. A career path
5. Consistent training and learning
6. Wage equality with peers
7. To work around kind, respectful people

Strong EQ means that you understand that all humans want the same 7 things at work. With this knowledge human behavior at work has the possibility to be equitable and inclusive to all.  
Deidre Diamond, Founder & CEO, CyberSN

What are the skills of EQ?

Harness EQ with CyberSN

Emotional intelligence skills have a positive impact on happiness, employee retention, and diversity in life, at work, and in personal relationships. 

Whether you’re looking to equip your existing team with the right education, hire competent and aware candidates, or boost your own skills to get hired, harness CyberSN’s expert EQ training and resources.

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What Google learned about EQ skills in its quest to build the perfect team
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