Everything you need to Pwn your career™

The Hunt for Cybersecurity Talent

Uploaded October 7, 2021
Matt Donato spoke the 2021 UNCC event and shared tips and ideas for hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent.

How to Pwn Your Career

Uploaded October 7, 2021
How can you, as a cybersecurity job seeker, utilize the CyberSN Career Center and Marketplace to take charge of your own career and get the training, tools, and resources you need to succeed? Listen in to learn how CyberSN can help.

CyberSN and the SANS Institute to Form a Strategic Industry Partnership

Uploaded October 6, 2021
CyberSN and the SANS Institute to Form a Strategic Industry Partnership: Will Leverage the EARN Maryland (MD) Cybersecurity Industries Grant for Underrepresented Workforce Groups

Pwn Your Career

Uploaded September 27, 2021
Neal Bridges welcomes Deidre Diamond to the Cyber Insecurity Podcast to get the inside scoop on what is really happening in today's cybersecurity hiring process, how it's broken, and why she created the world's first true marketplace for cyber security careers that allows you "Pwn Your Career".

The Changemaking With Chloé Messdaghi

Uploaded September 21, 2021
From job postings to gatekeeping, this episode dives into better hiring practices and how to stand out.

Encouraging Young Talent to Join the Cybersecurity Industry

Uploaded September 19, 2021
The stories of several women about how they get into cybersecurity careers, and they answers might surprise you!

Redefining Recruiting for Cybersecurity Professionals

Uploaded September 7, 2021
Deidre Diamond of CyberSN appeared on the Ephemeral Security Podcast to discuss redefining recruiting for cybersecurity professionals and throwing the resume out the window.

Redefining Finding Cybersecurity Work

Uploaded August 17, 2021
This walkthrough with Gerald Auger - Simply Cyber demonstrates how CyberSN is redefining the approach to connecting viable cybersecurity practitioners with companies hurting for talent.

Introducing the CyberSN Marketplace

Uploaded August 3, 2021
Episode #113 of the ShortArm / Cyber Pro Podcast included Deidre Diamond to discuss the launch of the new CyberSN Marketplace.

Cybersecurity Staffing Risks Black Hat 2021 On-Demand Session

Uploaded July 30, 2021
The cybersecurity job searching system is broken, and this talk from Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN, explains why that is bad for individuals, organizations and society.

Strategies for Creating Inclusive Cybersecurity Teams

Uploaded July 15, 2021
Creating a team full of people who enjoy their work, respect each other, celebrate diversity, and covers all the bases takes a good leadership strategy before you ever start hiring. Listen in as two security leaders share what they're seeing and how to help.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Cybersecurity

Uploaded April 27, 2021
How can organizations recruit and retain a diverse pool of skilled cybersecurity candidates and help them to thrive within the organization?

NIST/NICE and Hiring with Deidre Diamond

Uploaded April 15, 2021
This Q&A Session with Point3 Security and Deidre Diamond, discusses NIST NICE and hiring technical security personnel.

The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Uploaded April 15, 2021
Listen in as Chris Furtick speaks about weathering a ransomware attack and learn how to avoid what one client called the “worst day of their 20-year career."

The Future of the Cybersecurity Job Market

Uploaded April 13, 2021
How has the role of the Cyber Security executive changed during the pandemic?

Cybersecurity Talent, Diversity and Emotional Intelligence

Uploaded April 6, 2021
Words and behaviors that are inclusive for all can also be diverse environments, says Deidre on the Tech & Main Podcast.

Day of Shecurity 2021 Conference Kick-Off

Uploaded March 23, 2021
Day of Shecurity Conference was created to impact the number of women working in cybersecurity careers. The opening remarks addressed how the needle has moved since 2017.

Privacy, Security and Compliance - "Integrated Risk Management"

Uploaded October 20, 2020
How are organizations incorporating integrated risk management strategies to increase their cyber resilience?

CXO Underground Podcast

Uploaded October 1, 2020
This CXO Podcast episode centers the discussion about the difficulty of finding and retaining cybersecurity professionals with real strategies and examples that work!

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