Cybersecurity Recruitment Decisions in 2024: Insights from Annual Survey

Within organizations the role of protecting your company’s valuable data and operations is not just about deploying the right technology but also the people who power it. Cyber Security Tribe, a leading online community and content platform, recently conducted a comprehensive state of the cyber security industry survey involving over 250 cybersecurity professionals, shedding light on the current state of the industry in 2024. Among the numerous insights uncovered, perhaps none are as crucial for cybersecurity leaders as those regarding the recruitment outlook. 

What Matters Most to Cyber Security Leaders When Recruiting in 2024 

When it comes to assembling a cyber security dream team, the qualities that leaders prioritize can make all the difference. Leadership respondents were asked to rank various attributes when recruiting talent, the results were as follows: 

#1 Passion: Topping the list was passion, with an overwhelming majority of respondents recognizing the vital role it plays in driving success within the cybersecurity domain. Passion isn't just about having a job; it's about a genuine enthusiasm for protecting systems and data from cyber threats. 

#2 Experience: Unsurprisingly, experience came in at a close second. In a field where every second counts and the stakes are higher than ever, hands-on experience can often outweigh theoretical knowledge. 

#3 Personality/Soft Skills: While technical prowess is undeniably important, cybersecurity is also a people-centric profession. The ability to communicate effectively, work well in teams, and adapt to rapidly evolving scenarios is highly valued by recruiters. 

#4 Certification: While certifications remain significant, their importance seems to have diminished slightly compared to previous years. This shift suggests a growing recognition of practical skills and real-world experience over paper qualifications. 

#5 Education: Rounding out the list is formal education. While a degree or academic background certainly has its merits, it's clear that recruiters are placing greater emphasis on tangible skills and attributes. 

Growth on the Horizon: Anticipating Staffing Trends in 2024 

Another crucial aspect of the survey focused on the anticipated staffing changes within cybersecurity teams for the year 2024. The results paint a picture of optimism and growth: 

41% Predicting Expansion: Perhaps the most encouraging finding is the sizable portion of respondents (41%) who anticipate an increase in their cybersecurity staff. This reflects the ongoing demand for cybersecurity expertise as organizations continue to priorities digital security in an increasingly interconnected world. 

59% Expecting Stability: A significant majority of respondents indicated that they foresee their cybersecurity staff remaining the same in 2024. This suggests a level of stability within the industry, with existing teams expected to maintain their current size and composition. 

Zero Expectations of Decline: In a reassuring turn of events, not a single respondent predicted a decrease in cybersecurity staffing for 2024. This underscores the critical importance of cybersecurity in virtually every sector, from finance and healthcare to government and beyond.

As cyber leaders prepare to ensure their organizations security in 2024 and beyond, one thing remains abundantly clear: the human element is just as crucial as the technological one. By prioritizing qualities such as passion, experience, and soft skills in recruitment efforts, organizations can build resilient cybersecurity teams capable of tackling the threat landscape. 

Furthermore, the anticipated growth in cybersecurity staffing signals promising opportunities for both seasoned professionals and aspiring newcomers alike. As the digital frontier expands and cyber threats proliferate, the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. 

Overall, Cyber Security Tribe's report offers invaluable insights for cybersecurity leaders, serving as a roadmap and providing benchmarks for 2024 and beyond. 

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