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We expedite the job searching process by matching you to jobs directly related to your experience
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Explore over 171,231 active cybersecurity jobs
Tailor your search to find the right match
Build a Profile
Receive interview requests while you sleep
Communicate with employers anonymously
Get matched to jobs that fit your skills
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You build a profile, we do the rest
We begin with you answering a set of questions that focus on your skills. Then, our job matching tool uses an algorithm-driven matching system to deliver you jobs in real time that fit your career goals.
1. Create your free profile
Our custom profile building feature guides you through a series of cybersecurity skills questions that result in a complete and precise personal profile ensuring an accurate representation of your capabilities.
2. Let the magic happen
Employers use the same set of questions when creating a job on our platform. Because of this common language, matches are more accurate and there are no surprises on the job.
3. Communicate covertly
When a company is interested in connecting, they will reach out by email or through your CyberSN dashboard. The platform allows you to communicate with employers without revealing who you are.
Explore the additional benefits of a CyberSN profile
You can use your profile to assist you in performance reviews to help you outline everything that you do and have accomplished, precisely capturing your experience.
You can use your profile as a tool to help identify if and where additional training will help in your career development. Look at our Resources section for information and sources that might help you.
Your CyberSN profile is exportable as a PDF and yours to use either in lieu of your resume or as a supplement to it. Many cybersecurity professionals use their CyberSN profile in addition to a resume to help their application stand above the crowd.

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