Incident Responder

An Incident Responder is a cybersecurity professional tasked with responding to cybersecurity activities and incidents including data loss, computer compromise, ransomware and internal misuse.

Role overview

Incident Responders protect and improve an organization’s security by addressing and managing the activities to recover from a cybersecurity event. The Incident Responder makes an assessment on threat severity, conducts investigations, and works to contain, eradicate and recover from threats.

Incident Responders
may also be referred to as:
Cyber Defense Incident Responder
Cyber Fusion Incident Responder
Cyber Incident Responder
Cyber Incident Response Analyst
Cyber Security Incident Handler
Cyber Threat Detection And Response Engineer
Incident Handler
Incident Investigator
Security Assessment And Incident Response Intern

Career Path

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Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Monitoring, assessing, testing, and analyzing systems to identify and correct potential security breaches.
Creating security plans, policies, protocols, and training to prepare their organization for efficient and effective incident response.
Establishing protocols for internal and external communication during and after security incidents.
Working under pressure to assess and respond to threats through intrusion detection, security auditing, and risk analysis.
Using network forensics, reverse engineering, and penetration testing skills to address security threats.
Creating incident reports for management, administrators, and law enforcement.

Tools & Environment

Incident Responders often need to use enterprise system monitoring tools and SIEMs, forensic software applications, eDiscovery tools, backup and archiving technologies, and may need experience with coding and cloud computing. They also need a detailed understanding of the latest cyber attacks and industry trends.


Category Organization Certification
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISP
Planning SECO-Institute S-ISME
Management SECO-Institute S-CISO
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSP
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSE
Management SECO-Institute S-CITSO
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPF
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPP
Category Organization

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