We make hiring cybersecurity contractors easy

CyberSN's Cybersecurity Contractor Program delivers lower costs and higher contractor satisfaction. Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, at any level from Analyst to Management, our program efficiently manages your cybersecurity contractors.

Benefiting companies and cybersecurity contractors

We understand that organizations have to use both capital and operational budgets when hiring and thus there is a great need for cybersecurity contractors. But most professionals don't want to be contrators, so CyberSN created a program that caters to this. Here at CyberSN, we are proud to be able to support employers' capital and operational budget needs through our Cybersecurity Contractor Program, while also ensuring that cyber contractors are taken care of.

Our cybersecurity contractors have healthcare benefits, vacation time, access to career training, and the ability to attend industry trade shows. In addition, we are able to make sure they aren't on the bench when the contract is over, making it a win-win for all.

The CyberSN Difference

CyberSN’s job taxonomy is aligned with NICE Framework ensures accurate matching and reduces the cost to match cybersecurity talent to contract jobs. Therefore, we can pass these savings on to you.
We have standardized cybersecurity tasks and responsibilities into 45 functional roles. Our specialization spans across these 10 categories in cybersecurity: GRC, Defense, Product Security, Education, Management, Offense, Planning, Research, Response, Sales
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How our cybersecurity contractor program works


Together we discuss your job opening and your budget, building a custom job description that will attract qualified cybersecurity professionals.

We conduct an expansive search through all our channels, interviewing all potential cybersecurity candidates and qualifying them for your job and your culture.

We prepare cybersecurity contractors for interviews, provide feedback, and guide you on the right offer to make.
Without CyberSN, it would be like a mechanic missing a critical tool in their tool chest. You absolutely need to have an external industry expert that's a talent magnet working on your behalf. If you don't, it doesn't mean you can't get the job done. It just means the job is going to be exceptionally harder.
Ryan Weeks
Chief Information Security Officer, Datto, Inc.

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What is our Contractor Program?

Our Cybersecurity Contractor Program is ideal for when you need a cybersecurity professional to get short-term or long-term projects off your plate. We have access to a large network of cybersecurity professionals who are ready to help.

What is the difference between Contract and SOW?

Contract is when you need a cybersecurity professional for a specific period of time. SOW is typically when you need a team of cybersecurity professionals for a specific period of time or to complete a finite set of tasks and deliverables.

How does our cybersecurity contractor program work?

As a strategic partner we build your job description utilizing our job taxonomy. We then discuss the hourly rate needed to land the right contract worker, the hiring and onboarding process at your company, and then your CyberSN Account Manager leads the charge to find the person you need. Your CyberSN Account Manager is your point person and will manage the entire process through to closing.

What locations does CyberSN service?

We serve all locations in the US, Europe and India.

How long will it take me to hire someone?

Our Contract/SOW searches result in a hire between 48 hours and 39 days.

How much does it cost?

Rates vary based on the skills of the cybersecurity professional and the supply vs. demand of those skills. Contact us and we can give you a rough estimate.

Is the cybersecurity contractor program right for my needs?

Our cybersecurity contractor service is a great fit for companies that want to hire someone quickly, hire for a specialized skill or function, or have a short-term need for a specific cybersecurity expertise.

What's in it for you?

Our Cybersecurity Contractor Program identifies cybersecurity professionals available for short or long-term assignments who can be converted to FTEs. Our extensive network of cyber professionals helps us provide skilled contractors quickly. We also offer contractors a full suite of healthcare benefits, vacation time, access to career training, and the ability to attend industry trade shows.

How do I get started?

Fill out our contact us form and one of our team members will be in touch to review the inquiry and schedule a kick-off call. From there, we will:

- Discuss your specific job opening and your budget.

- Build a job description that will attract qualified and interested cybersecurity professionals.

- Conduct an expansive search through all our channels, including contacts, cybersecurity community events, our newsletter and other subscribers, social media networks, referrals and connections from our non-profit partner Secure Diversity, and other cybersecurity community groups, clubs, events, and initiatives. Interview all potential candidates and qualify them for your job and your culture.

- Prepare cybersecurity professionals for phone and in-person interviews and provide feedback.

- Guide you on the right offer to make or not make to qualified and interested cyber professionals.

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