Cyber Talent Wants to Work for People With High EQ

Emotional intelligence in the workplace has been the subject of hundreds of articles, conference talks, and videos, yet it still remains one of the more illusive skills in management. Also known as the emotional quotient, or EQ, it is an essential aspect of managing people, especially in cybersecurity, where burnout is rampant. Founder and CEO of CyberSN Deidre Diamond recently spoke at the RSA Conference 2020 about the importance of high EQ management and how it's essential to talent retention.

"We need everyone really understanding what is going on.  There's no doubt there is a talent shortage and yet 89% of the market doesn't love where they work. We have many forms of human burnout occurring.  Additionally diversity is being focused on, yet women in Sr. Leadership is under 10%. Talent retention is a major EQ (emotional intelligence) Management issue and yet relationships are key. Our poor retention rates tell us a story we must listen to. AI and Machine Language won't replace people; so we must teach EQ."

Follow the link to read more from Diamond on the importance of emotional intelligence and EQ management.