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Create a CyberSN Profile and let jobs apply to you. With a CyberSN Profile you will be instantly matched to jobs that fit your skills and experience.


Prevent unconscious bias

Personal information is hidden since we believe it is unnecessary to make a match. Removing this information prevents conscious or unconscious bias.

Recieve accurate matches

Use our taxonomy to reduce the job searching noise

Upon creating a profile, you will receive matches based on your experience. Our taxonomy eliminates the issue of inaccurate job postings so you know exactly what to expect.
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How it works


Create your profile

Fill out information about you and your past experiences.


Find and be found

Let our matching algorithm take over your job search.


Get hired

Our mission is to get you in a role you love. Let's find your next job.
The CyberSN job matching platform is a paradigm shift. Through their cyber taxonomy, CyberSN is maintaining the integrity of job searching
Amjad Henawi
Cybersecurity Professional

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Your CyberSN profiles is exportable and yours to in lieu of or as a supplement to your resume.
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What is it?

Your profile is a precise representation of your roles, responsibilities, projects and tasks as a cybersecurity professional. It details your skills in a completely different way than a traditional resume and should be used in conjunction with your resume to increase your odds of finding a job you’ll love.

How will it help me?

Having a confidential public profile on the CyberSN job platform has many benefits. Starting with strong job matches that apply to you. If you keep your profile updated, the right jobs will find you. You can also use your profile by exporting it as a new resume or as a stand-alone document to provide more detail to what you have learned and accomplished over your career. A profile will increase your chances of getting noticed when submitting to algorithm-driven applicant tracking systems. Other uses include: assisting you in your performance review to help you outline everything that you do and have accomplished, identify where training will help in your career development, and precisely capturing your experience.

How does it work?

The Profile Building feature guides you through our cybersecurity taxonomy of job titles, functional roles, projects and tasks via a sequence of questions with selectable answers, resulting in a complete and precise personal profile. This can then be exported in a .pdf format for your use.

Where do I upload my resume?

You don’t. A profile by nature is personalized by you to capture everything that you know and do, resulting in stronger match making.

Can I use my CyberSN profile as a resume?

Absolutely, you are able to export your profile in a .pdf format. This is yours to use however you wish.

How am I notified that someone is interested in me?

You will receive an email to your registered address notifying you that someone is interested in your profile. Additionally, your CyberSN dashboard will notify you when someone reaches out.

Why are certain jobs outside of your platform?

As a service to you, we gather and aggregate all publicly listed cybersecurity jobs in the US and organize them into “Functional Roles” based on title. Please note that these “scraped” internet jobs are not built using our job taxonomy. You will see the difference between a job built with our taxonomy and a job that is not.

How much does this cost?

There is never any cost for cybersecurity job seekers. You are free to post your confidential profile and export it as many times as you’d like.

How do I get started?

Simply create a cybersecurity professionals account or sign in if you already have one and answer the questions. Building a cybersecurity professional profile is free.

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