Vague Info Hurts in Cybersecurity Job Hunt

Why do Cybersecurity Professionals have such a hard time finding jobs when they are in such high demand?  Some would contend it’s because there aren’t enough Cybersecurity Professionals in the world. While this argument is true, it is equally true that the reason companies can’t hire has nothing to do with the quantity of talent, but rather, everything to do with the inability of organizations to first understand their own needs, and then communicate them to job seekers. Hiring managers and internal recruiters move so fast they end up overlooking the key element of hiring efficiently: knowing exactly what the candidate will be doing day-to-day. Effectively communicating this aspect of each position to job seekers is a must for any hiring manager or recruiter.

I have been involved in many sides of technical staffing—building tech agencies and building software companies—but the problem on every side is always the same: what’s the need? Working with weak job orders causes the staffing experience to become frustrating and laborious. Too many hiring managers and recruiters routinely fail to identify qualified candidates because they are shooting in the dark as to what they need. Poorly defined job orders are a massive problem for both people looking for work, and for those looking to fill a position.

Cybersecurity Professionals, who are most likely employed while looking for new opportunities, end up having many phone conversations that result in the wrong fit. Candidates that end up in jobs that are the wrong fit feel frustrated and overwhelmed, thus inflated staffing costs occur.

It’s time for a change

Deidre, CEO/Founder