Truth Sells. How honest are you with recruiters?

How honest are you with recruiters? This is a question for both hiring managers and job candidates. As you can see from my previous posts, I understand poorly skilled recruiters are abundant in the workforce today. However, you won’t know for sure if your recruiter is good unless you’re transparent with them when they ask you questions. Do you tell them the truth? Are you honest when you explain why you are looking, or when you explain exactly what you are doing day-to-day in your job? Or how about the truth as it pertains to your compensation? As a hiring manager, do you tell your recruiter the truth about why your job is open? Or the true salary cap of your open position?

If we as a people aren’t answering “yes,” then we are only contributing to the recruiting problem that exists today. Even an unqualified recruiter can do more with truths than with “sort of” truths.

Great recruiters act as agents. A great agent discovers the truth about a candidate’s story, or an organization’s story, and then sells that truth to connect people to the jobs they like, and vice versa with hiring managers. Without the truth, time is wasted. So if you don’t like a recruiter, don’t give them inaccurate information, just don’t work with them.

Deidre, CEO/Founder