Shifting roles within the cybersecurity industry can be extremely difficult—job seekers are faced with a variety of frustrating hurdles they must overcome in order to find a great career fit. From firms underestimating the importance of cybersecurity roles, to nonsensical job descriptions, to outlandish job requirements, it can take an exhausting amount of effort searching cybersecurity jobs or even find an opening that’s worth applying to. 

As a job seeker, you may have already encountered similar red flags while applying to positions. So the question is, how can you find the right fit in an industry with so many hiring and retention problems? There is a deep disconnect between hiring managers and cybersecurity professionals, and it can be difficult for anyone on their own to bridge that gap. Luckily, that’s where expert recruiters step in and take the lead, helping to match professionals with great job opportunities that allow for personal and career growth. Here are some of the many ways that cybersecurity recruiters function to help you land your dream job. 

Recruiters Understand the Importance of Quality Cybersecurity Job Descriptions

Too often, hiring managers in charge of adding cybersecurity professionals to their team have no real understanding or insight into the job openings they’re posting about. As a result, you’ll find plenty of work experience requirements that do not match the role described in a listing. Other times you might come across a job description very clearly written by someone with zero knowledge of cybersecurity. Recruiters at CyberSN, however, take the time to work with hiring managers to ensure that job descriptions are as accurate as possible, so you know exactly what you’re applying for.  

Recruiters Help Companies Build Diverse and Highly Effective Teams

While there are cybersecurity hiring and retention issues in nearly every single department of businesses, the most glaring problem is created inadvertently by hiring managers. Rather than focus their energy on building an effective team of cybersecurity professionals with diverse experience and expertise, they instead spend all their time looking for one single candidate who can fill the shoes of multiple people. We all know that this is an impossible task, but still happens all the time. CyberSN aims to reduce this crisis by helping hiring managers understand what talent their team needs to be as effective and efficient as possible. 

Recruiters Know How Much Talent Should be Paid Based on Job Role

There’s a lot more to salary than just a number on a piece of paper. Besides an annual salary, cybersecurity professionals also want to know how they’ll be compensated with bonuses, annual raises, stock options, health benefits, retirement savings, paid time off, and everything else that we need to support ourselves. Recruiters can help you understand what your total compensation will be for a specific job role, and encourage you to vouch for yourself to get the best possible deal. 

Recruiters Can Help You Find the Right Match Faster

For many cybersecurity professionals, job hunting can become a part-time job in itself. Between trying to sift through the nonsensical postings to fruitless interviews, you could end up spending months searching for a new job only to be unsuccessful. CyberSN’s professional recruiters understand that your time is valuable, especially when you’re looking for a job. Our expertise in the recruiting field combined with our knowledge of cybersecurity puts us in a unique position to cut through the noise and present you with openings that best match your abilities and values. 

When it comes time to explore a new career, your first thought should be to work with a recruiter to help you find the perfect job. A good fit is the difference between a successful, rewarding career and a job that you leave after only several months. Recruiters can take the guessing games out of the application process and steer you toward the best roles for you.