State of Cybersecurity Job Market: May 2020

Hi Friends,

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing what we are seeing during this crisis (which you can find in my first two blogs here and here). In this installment, I am adding a new section that speaks to why people are leaving their current job for another. I believe this information proves the point that the reason why people leave their job is the same regardless of what crisis is going on. Stay well. xo

Jobs on Hold

We are still seeing about 60% of the market keep their jobs to fill on hold. This concerns me greatly considering cybersecurity professionals are being taken off of security tasks so they can support IT, which ISC2 recently documented in a survey on this challenge. Many companies are still working to get on the same page within their organizations and aren’t able to address jobs that were open when COVID-19 crisis began. Until these organizations can get ahead of firefighting, we expect these jobs will remain on hold.

Layoffs continue to be under 5% for cybersecurity professionals; fingers crossed this continues. Unfortunately many organizations are planning for large layoffs or have already started, yet we remain very optimistic for cybersecurity professionals job security.

Organizations Are Hiring

Yes, they are. These companies are not only hiring they are also taking advantage of pipeline development. There is no doubt that organizations that are hiring during this crisis are seen as extremely sound because they are hiring, showing the community that they believe in what they are doing and will keep moving forward.

Start Dates

Unfortunately, we are still dealing with visas taking months to finish sponsorship paperwork when it used to take weeks. This is causing non-US citizens to not get hired because the two to three month start date is a lot for an organization to absorb when they need work done. Many organizations are still hiring people who need sponsorship; just much less during this time or expedition being on hold.

Mental Health

Cybersecurity threats are up even more. With the economy needing us all to go back to work, cybersecurity professionals are just as stressed as anyone. Long months of working from home come with vulnerabilities that add to this stress. Check out our CSO and Strategist’s blog post about key threats from our “new normal.”

CyberSN has real data on the reasons people are leaving their job, based on placements we made in March and April of 2020. Even during this crisis the number 1 reason people leave their jobs is lack of advancement and opportunity. The number 3 reason for leaving, listed below, is certainly a reflection of the times.

What was the reason for leaving your job?

  • 40% No advancement opportunities with current employer
  • 25% Current contract ending or ended
  • 20% Current employer showing instability or talking of layoffs
  • 5% Current company doesn’t take security seriously
  • 5% Boss left the organization
  • 5% Too much travel

I hope leaders can think powerfully right now; for the future requires us to make good decisions. Everyone who is laid off will have to be hired back and the roles put on hold will need filled in order to succeed again.

Moving Ahead

CyberSN has been closely tracking cybersecurity hiring and staffing levels throughout the country and is a trusted resource for a number of large businesses. Later this spring, we will unveil new service options that can help companies find the talented cybersecurity professionals they’re looking for. Check back on our blog for more updates on this exciting new development, as well as the state of the cybersecurity job market. Stay tuned!