DevSecOps professionals continuously incorporate cybersecurity throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and CI/CD pipeline.

Role overview

DevSecOps (Development, Security, and Operations) professionals use a combination of programming knowledge, threat management, and communication skills to automate and integrate cybersecurity at every stage of the SDLC lifecycle.

DevSecOps Professionals
may also be referred to as:
API Security Engineer
Cloud DevSecOps Engineer
Development Security Operations Engineer
Devops And Automation Security Engineer
DevSecOps Analyst
DevSecOps And Site Reliability Engineer
DevSecOps Architect
DevSecOps Automation Engineer
DevSecOps CI/CD Engineer
DevSecOps Container Engineer
DevSecOps Engineer
DevSecOps Platform Engineer
DevSecOps Site Reliability Engineer
DevSecOps Testing Engineer
IT Security Devsecops Intern

Career Path

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Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average


Working alongside DevOps Engineers to ensure that security vulnerabilities are addressed and fixed during development.
Defining, implementing, and operating a platform support model that leverages DevSecOps principles.
Attacking software to find vulnerabilities, as opposed to running scans once it has been created.
Monitoring and managing deployment and support and serving as an escalation point for cybersecurity incidents.
Enforcing processes and tools that ensure compliance with the relevant data privacy and protection regulations.
Serving as a point of contact for product teams as it relates to automation, CI/CD, and DevSecOps.
Understanding and assessing existing processes to identify how to improve and streamline team effectiveness.
Communicating threat knowledge with the entire cybersecurity team.

Tools & Environment

DevSecOps teams often build custom tools to include security in DevOps. They need to use developer tools such as GitHub, dependency management, ad CI/CD, as well as programming tools, network protocols, containers and orchestration, threat intelligence tools, and configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.


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