Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Cybersecurity Sales Engineers work with the sales team to technically advise on the sales process.

Role overview

A Cybersecurity Sales Engineer actively drives and manages the technology evaluation stage of the sales process, working with the entire sales team to advise on all product sales. Sales Engineers unite technical knowledge and sales skills and are able to explain, in detail, the technical and functional aspects of a product or service, prepared for any technical questions or issues that may arise.

Cybersecurity Sales Engineers
may also be referred to as:
Enterprise Security Sales Engineer
Network Security Sales Engineer
Post Sales Engineer Security
Pre-Sales Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer
Pre-Sales Engineer Network Security
Pre-Sales Security Engineer
Sales Enablement Engineer
Sales Engineer Cloud Security
Sales Engineer Network Security

Career Path

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Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Being a trusted technical advisor to prospective customers.
Managing key aspects of the sales cycle including requirements gathering, demos, proof of concept, and product specification.
Presenting the product and all features to customers at meetings and events.
Troubleshooting client problems, answering questions from customers relating to solutions, and delivering technical enablement.
Building strong consultative relationships with individuals in customer and partner organizations to ensure customer and partner satisfaction.
Support the partner certification program for partners.
Communicating customer requirements to product management teams.
Providing advanced training and support for the sales teams across all business territories.
Maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry, technical and competitive landscape to ensure the presentation and sale of the best client solutions.

Tools & Environment

Cybersecurity Sales Engineers have to use many of the same tools as the core sales teams, including CRMs, social media, analytics and reporting, performance dashboards, and customer service software. Sales Engineers also need experience working with cybersecurity tools such as firewalls, SIEM, anti-virus, cloud and SaaS applications, network architecture, or any other tools that relate to the product or service they sell.


Category Organization Certification
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISP
Planning SECO-Institute S-ISME
Management SECO-Institute S-CISO
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSP
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSE
Management SECO-Institute S-CITSO
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPF
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPP
Category Organization

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