Cybersecurity Program Manager

The Cybersecurity Program Manager is responsible for multiple security-focused projects with a common goal.

Role overview

Cybersecurity Program Managers manage a variety of projects within their organization, facilitating the planning and prioritization of complex cybersecurity services. These projects may be complex and span many offices, departments, and entities. The projects they manage may be short-term or long-term and could include significant business and technology changes.

Cybersecurity Program Managers
may also be referred to as:
Awareness Campaign Program Manager
Cloud Security Program Manager
Cyber Program Manager
Cybersecurity Incident Response Program Manager
Cybersecurity Awareness Program Manager
Cybersecurity Compliance Program Manager
Cybersecurity Program Manager
Cybersecurity Risk Program Manager
Data Privacy Program Manager
DevSecOps Program Manager
Embedded Security Program Manager
GRC Program Manager
Identity And Access Management Program Manager
Information Security Program Manager
Privacy And Compliance Program Manager
Privacy Program Manager
Program Manager
Program Manager Cyber Threat And Incident Response
Security Operations Program Manager
Security Program Manager
Technical Security Program Manager
Vulnerability Program Manager

Career Path

Map your career path by understanding role relationships

Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Working with partners, vendors, employees, and agencies to ensure project success.
Supporting the development, implementation, and communication of cybersecurity activities and programs.
Leading the set-up and execution of program events, briefings, and meetings.
Liaising with other teams to identify and exploit opportunities with other programs across the organization.
Managing multi-functional team coordination, opportunity screening, benefit/cost analysis, vendor selection, schedule and budget oversight, management of consultants/contractors, issue resolution, and reporting.
Coordinating with internal and external legal, contracting, procurement, finance, and communications departments to ensure successful project rollout and streamline communications.

Tools & Environment

Cybersecurity Program Managers often need to identify and manage the best project management and productivity tools for their organization. These tools include Trello, Asana, Monday, ClickUp, and more. These individuals also use compliance tools and will need an understanding of cybersecurity law and regulations, both local and global.


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