Cyber Insurance Professional

Cyber Insurance Professionals help their clients anticipate and manage cybersecurity threats to their business.

Role overview

Cybersecurity Insurance Professionals use their industry knowledge to provide guidance on cybersecurity insurance claims, determining the most suitable coverage and policies. They inform the relevant parties of any potential problems with claims, maintaining regular contact with clients to build trust.

Cybersecurity Insurance Professionals
may also be referred to as:
Claims Adjuster Cyber Liability
Cyber Claims Specialist
Cyber Insurance Advisor
Cyber Insurance Broker
Cyber Insurance Underwriter

Career Path

Map your career path by understanding role relationships

Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Managing, processing, and overseeing cybersecurity claims and their progress.
Process and audit claims data to ensure claim management processes adhere to established standards.
Using risk expertise and industry knowledge to develop solutions that are personalized to their clients.
Providing exceptional client service and creating and maintaining professional relationships.
Staying ahead of changing insurance and risk market conditions, as well as evolving cyber threats that may pose new security risks.
Ensuring procedural compliance and ensuring contracts are executed as required.
Participating in internal and external audits where applicable.
Maintaining regular contact with a portfolio of clients to build trust and ensure departmental accountability.

Tools & Environment

Cybersecurity Insurance Professionals have to be familiar with all governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tools and claims processes. These professionals also need a knowledge of cyber liability and cyber incident management tools, and the processes used to make information requests and perform audits.


Category Organization Certification
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ISP
Planning SECO-Institute S-ISME
Management SECO-Institute S-CISO
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSF
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSP
Defense SECO-Institute S-ITSE
Management SECO-Institute S-CITSO
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPF
GRC SECO-Institute S-DPP
Category Organization

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