Cyber Data Scientist

Cyber Data Scientists gather cybersecurity data to inform the security decisions of their business.

Role overview

A Cyber Data Scientist helps transform the decisions made by the cybersecurity teams by collecting and scrutinizing data, before asking the right questions and connecting the dots to uncover exactly how to use that data. These professionals work closely with data specialists and system experts to ensure a high quality of data to present back to the executive board and C-Suite.

Cyber Data Scientists
may also be referred to as:
Cyber Analytics Analyst
Cyber Data Analyst
Cyber Data Analytics Specialist
Cybersecurity Analytics Engineer
Data Science Security Engineer

Career Path

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Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Collaborating with data owners to identify problems, sources, and opportunities, while enabling the collection of data.
Implementing automation for the preparation and ingestion of data into databases.
Building enhanced analysis opportunities by identifying previously unseen relationships within databases.
Immersing themselves into cybersecurity through training and working with others on the security team.
Collecting data from disparate systems using technologies such as PowerShell and APIs.

Tools & Environment

Cyber Data Scientists must be able to work with Application Lifecycle Management and Version Control tools, and should be familiar with data lakes, either as a consumer or curator of data. These professionals also need to be able to use R programming language, SQL, Python, and the relevant tool for analysis and visualization of data.


Category Organization Certification
Research Blockchain Training Alliance CBSP
Research EC-Council ECES

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