It goes without saying that hiring for your team is hard. At the same time, career satisfaction among cybersecurity pros is at an all-time low. The result is open jobs, staffing with far from perfect fits, poor satisfaction and poor retention. Deidre Diamond, CEO of CyberSN, will show you that the entire job searching system is broken, and how that is bad for individuals, organizations and society. She will also show you how CyberSN is fixing it with a revolutionary career and hiring marketplace that changes everything. Deidre will inspire us to work together toward staffing success and job satisfaction.

How can organizations recruit and retain a diverse pool of candidates and help them to thrive within the organization? The panel will explore ways to reimagine recruitment, hiring, visibility, mentorship, allyship, training, pay equity, Executive Leadership programs/pipelines, as well as company awards & recognition programs.

This Q&A Session with Point3 Security and Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN and Secure Diversity, discusses NIST NICE and hiring technical security personnel. We cover what Deidre has researched and seen in the hiring process, NIST NICE framework, gatekeeping, and how to address better hiring practices.

The Charlotte Metro area chapter of (ISC)2 welcomed Chris Furtick, Director of Security Engineering and Incident Response for Fortalice Solutions to share battle stories from the front line of the global cyberwar and recap a recent ransomware incident from discovery to decryption. Find out what you need to know about weathering a ransomware attack and learn how to avoid what one client called the “worst day of their 20-year career."

In today's episode of the Tech and Main Podcast, we will be talking with our good friend, Deidre Diamond. Deidre cares tremendously about people loving where they work and has been working to create cultures that have high EQ (emotional intelligence) skills. These skills focus on words and behaviors. Deidre is known in the D/I community as someone who works hard at making sure words and behaviors are inclusive for all so that inclusive environments can also be diverse environments.

Day of Shecurity Conference Core Team members Deidre and Brenley deliver the Opening Remarks for the 2021 Virtual Conference, which was held on Hop-In. Videos of all talks will soon be available on the Day of Shecurity YouTube Channel.