Breaking Barriers - Lean In Circle is a place where women who are new or existing within the cybersecurity industry can envision their growth as leaders.

 A safe space for women in the industry to grow, build confidence, manage work stress, and envision to evolve as leaders in the ever-changing technology in Cyber Security.

CyberPreserve equips you with the right skills and mindset to help you navigate through your Cybersecurity career.

We help you to refurbish your career in cybersecurity by training to develop foundational skills or helping to transition in the field in a systematic way. Our vision is to bridge the CyberSecurity skill gap with our mentorship and career connector program.

Our Mission

“The Stronger the Roots the Stronger the Tree”

This is the Mantra behind Raíces. Our Mission is to Encourage and Support the Hispanic and Latino Cyber and Technology Community to Achieve Greater Representation in the World. We are doing that with our four main pillars. Continued Support and Encouragement to and from the Community, Education for all career levels, Access to valuable resources, Constructive Networking and the forming of STRONG bonds (“Roots”).

SANS Cyber Workforce Academy


Partially funded by EARN Maryland, this academy will train Maryland residents, with a focus on U.S. Military veterans and women, over the next two years in highly sought-after cybersecurity skills to provide them a pathway into the cybersecurity workforce.

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Funded in part by GO VIRGINIA, a state-funded initiative administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), this program is a partnership among SANS, Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, and Katzy Cyber Games, with two options for career development - upskilling or reskilling training.