Is Your Team Set Up for Success at Events?

I hope you can attend Coffee and Conversation on Thursday July 26 from 12-1pm EST as I join the Meet team to discuss: PREPARING YOUR TEAM: Set Up for Success at Trade Shows and In-Person Events

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Team preparation and training is one of the most often overlooked keys to trade show and in-person event success. So much focus is put on booth location and decor that leaders often forget to empower their most important asset, their people. Whether a team member is in the booth, walking the floor, delivering a workshop, taking part in a hospitality event, or in one-on-one meetings they need to be prepared to leverage the event opportunity. Event opportunities are perishable. This particular audience will never appear in this way again. All too often, trade show preparation is left to the last minute, decisions about who is going to the trade show are hastily made, with the little time left the team is not supported with enough orientation and skill building to enable their success. This preparation procrastination hamstrings the team’s ability to execute and ultimately to maximize the trade shows return on investment. In this workshop, we’ll particularly focus on the activities that will empower your team and make them much more effective at trade shows and in-person events. Join us an learn the latest strategies to prepare and enable your team. Workshop Outline

  • Setting the table
  • Common challenges
  • Strategies and systems to prepare your team
  • Your questions

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