How we do it

Traditional job searching no longer works. CyberSN is changing cybersecurity job searching forever.

We match you to a job, not jobs to you

Advertisers create an ad expecting it to find someone who wants their product. That’s how job platforms work too. Wouldn’t it be better if you could fill out a form for a product and the result would be a perfect match? That’s exactly what our cybersecurity job platform does. We begin with you, a cyber professional, answering a set of questions that focus on your skills. We then match that against jobs for which you are qualified and would be interested in. The result is a better match to jobs that fit your career aspirations.

Profile building

Resumes don’t match well to jobs. So we created Profiles. Profiles are created by answering a series of job questions using our cybersecurity job taxonomy, created from years of industry knowledge and research. We encourage employers to use the same taxonomy for creating job descriptions so that great matches are possible. Saving everyone lots of time and money. You can export your profile and use it too.


Create your free profile

Our custom profile building feature guides you through a series of cybersecurity skills questions that result in a complete and precise personal profile ensuring an accurate representation of your capabilities.


Find and be found

While you're matching to jobs, companies will be matching to you. When a company is interested in connecting, they will reach out by email or through your CyberSN dashboard; and you always have the option of contacting them directly.


Communicate covertly

The cybersecurity jobs platform allows you to communicate with prospective employers without revealing who you are. No risk of annoying phone calls or emails. If you have a question about a job, just ask without concern that you will be bombarded by an over zealous recruiter.

Your data, your way

Because a CyberSN profile focuses on skills, your profile can be kept completely devoid of private information such as name, email and phone number. You have full control over when this information is disclosed to an employer. Your personal information is disclosed to who you want, when you want.

Export your profile

Your CyberSN profile is exportable as a PDF and yours to use either in lieu of your resume or as a supplement to it. Many cybersecurity professionals use their CyberSN profile in addition to a resume to help their application stand above the crowd.

Receive interview requests while you sleep

Our jobs platform is always looking to match you to a job. When a match is made, you will receive an email to your registered address and a notification on your account dashboard letting you know that someone is interested in your profile.

100,000 cybersecurity jobs and counting

In addition to our own job listings, we gather and aggregate all publicly listed cybersecurity jobs in the US enabling CyberSN to be your sole destination for your job search. This provides a streamlined job search and just one bookmarked page to help you find your next job.

How your CyberSN profile helps you

Having a confidential public profile on CyberSN's job platform has many benefits. Our job matching tool uses an algorithm-driven matching system that makes you stand out above the rest.

You can use your profile to assist you in performance reviews to help you outline everything that you do and have accomplished, precisely capturing your experience.

You can use your profile as a tool to help identify if and where additional training will help in your career development. Look at our Resources section for information and sources that might help you.