March 17, 2022

WiCys 2022

Diversity is a Result of Inclusive Cultures, by Deidre Diamond

An advanced society requires complex human interactions. We now need teamwork skills at a greater scale than ever before which means our emotional intelligence (EQ) skills need strengthening. This starts with a set of common behavioral standards. This talk will define the standards for interactions, and together, we will grow our EQ. Our security, privacy, economic well-being, and mental health depend on the ability to engage others positively. When we establish a baseline of standards for human interactions, with win-win communication, humans will excel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Share with others the Human Behavior Inclusion Standard.
  • Lead the charge on creating strong culture allies in the workplaces and professional networks.
  • Empower those around them to participate in inclusion on an ongoing basis.

#womenincybersecurity #WiCyS2022

Topicsbest practices, career development, current technology, and challenges looking ahead

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General registration will open on Monday, February 7th, 2022.

NOTE: Students must have a scholarship to attend WiCyS 2022.  Academic sponsorships include a certain number of scholarships.

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