October 19, 2022

Untraditional Paths into Cyber Panel - SAAD 2022

Join Deidre Diamond, CEO and Founder of CyberSN on the Untraditional Paths into Cyber panel at the SOC Analyst Appreciation Day 2022 (SAAD).
The panel will be moderated by the CyberWire's Dave Bittner and Kayla Williams CISO at DEVO. Here's who's on the panel:
  • Amber Fleet, IT Consultant, InfoSyS Consulting
  • Deidre Diamond, CEO and founder, CyberSN
  • Samara Williams, Manager, Information Security & Risk, Cardinal Health
  • Jennifer Reed, security leader


SOC analysts are too often overworked and under appreciated. That’s why Devo established SOC Analyst Appreciation Day™ to pay some long-overdue kudos to SOC analysts far and wide and to encourage organizations to improve SOC analyst job satisfaction and mental well-being.


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