August 23, 2023

SecureWorld Manufacturing

You're invited to the highly anticipated SecureWorld Manufacturing Conference on May 17th at 3 pm EST. Join our Founder & CEO, Deidre Diamond for an engaging session where I will be sharing valuable insights on the current state of the cybersecurity workforce.

Discover how many jobs are posted per cybersecurity functional job role at SecureWorld Manufacturing. She shares why certain cybersecurity roles are staying steady, and others are volatile in the cybersecurity job market. Register for free

Event Details:

📅 Date: Aug. 23

⏰ Time: 3:00 PM EST

Don't miss this opportunity to gain expert knowledge and actionable strategies to enhance your cybersecurity workforce. Whether you're an industry professional, hiring manager, or simply interested in the cybersecurity field, this session promises to provide valuable takeaways for all.