July 28, 2022

CISO Roundtable Discussion

Does Every Organization Need a CISO?


The Concept of a Virtual CISO or a vCISO has become more and more common over the years; especially for the SMB. What is driving this trend? Is having an outside advisor / third-party security executive accomplish what you need to get done?

Join us as we assess the pros and cons for both, and how this directly impacts the strategy and policies within an organization, as well as the delivery of professional and managed security services.


July 28, 2022
12:00 PM EST
Virtual Event on Zoom

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Join our Panel
RJ Friedman - CISO & Founder, dayOneCyber
Chris Furtick - Director, Security Engineering & Incident Response, Fortalice Solutions
Chris Gerritz - Director of Information Security of Datto, Inc. / former Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Infocyte (now Datto)


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