January 26, 2023

Breaches Webinar | Combating Control Failures: How Can Enterprises Stop Preventable Breaches? 

Join Andreas Wuchner- Panaseer, Dr Rebecca Wynn- Click Solutions Group, and Dom Glavach - CyberSN, as they present Combating Control Failures: How Can Enterprises Stop Preventable Breaches?

Happening Jan. 26th, 2023 at 7 am MST

In this discussion, cybersecurity experts will look at how enterprises can stop these preventable breaches and reduce the burden on overworked teams by using resources more efficiently. Taking new insights from the Panaseer 2023 Security Leaders Peer Report and looking at the personal impact that combating security issues and managing controls has on both leaders and their security teams.

You'll hear about topics such as:

  • The challenges that are keeping security teams and their leaders up at night
  • Control failures and what can be done about the fact that most breaches are preventable
  • How the stress of bearing the burden of preventable breaches impacts staff churn and resource constraints
  • How to improve prioritization, so resources are used more efficiently
  • Why are security leaders so frustrated by security tools and the gaps between them
  • Why the interest in Continuous Controls Monitoring is at an all-time high


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