May 10, 2022

Boston CISO Executive Summit

Weaving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into your Organizational DNA

with Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN

 on May 10th  - 1:20pm to 2:05 pm.

Diversity, equity and inclusion should be top of mind for ALL leaders, but how are their teams implementing programs? Leaders today are looking for inspired pathways to create inclusive cultures, development opportunities, and collaborative opportunities not only to drive diversity initiatives but to create a smarter and more resilient company.As companies strive to drive DEI as a core organizational value, CISOs have an increasingly critical role to play, serving as strategic partners by creating equal opportunities which enable diverse employees to thrive and help their company grow.

Join this session as leaders discuss:

  • Keys to establishing successful and collaborative programs to address racial inequalities
  • Strategies for communicating and demonstrating commitment to your workforce
  • Methods for robust DE&I implementation