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We have the time and the cybersecurity expertise to support your team’s career development. Let us support you in retaining your cybersecurity talent, it works!
Why us for talent retention support?
89% of cybersecurity professionals are passively looking for jobs because they do not have career development support. Many organizations have the budget and the desire to provide career development support however they do not have the time nor the expertise to do so. This is where we come in. We are cybersecurity subject matter experts. We are the founders of the 45 cybersecurity job functions and career mapping, that is widely used by organizations and educational institutes. Additionally, we have partnerships with training and educational institutes and can get you better rates for the education you need. In short, we partner with you to retain your talent through career development support. You can work with us on a one time consulting basis or through a monthly subscription model.
We wasted lots of time working with contingency firms. I wish I worked with CyberSN from the beginning of our search. Life would have been so much easier.
Barbara Muccia
AVP, Human Resources, Toa Reinsurance
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August 8, 2023

The Latest Cybersecurity Job Posting Data

Are you curious about the state of cybersecurity jobs in today's economy? Discover the latest data on 140k+ cybersecurity job postings in the U.S., refreshed every 30 days. Let CyberSN's expert analysis reveal the key takeaways from this extensive dataset, providing invaluable insights into the state of the cybersecurity job market. Stay ahead of competition […]
November 23, 2022

Appsec Hiring and ROI

Appsec Background information: (Things to consider sharing with the client) The appsec hire ROI includes hard and soft values. The hard values are difficult to speak to without understanding the business objectives and which cybersecurity metrics are in place today or planning in the future. Generally speaking, the ROI soft values accelerate/enable the ROI complex […]
June 22, 2022

Why Do I Need an Ally? A Poem by Deidre Diamond

We at CyberSN pride ourselves on our success in creating equitable and diverse work environments both internally and with our clients. Diversity is a result of inclusive cultures and we are super thankful for the leadership from our Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond, a woman who has been a wonderful ally to all genders and […]

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