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You want to attract passive job seekers. These passive job seekers will not respond to job descriptions that are vague, unrealistic, or low on salary. Using CyberSN's job building taxonomy to build your jobs ensures that cybersecurity professionals see your organization as security savvy, organized, and truly interested in hiring.

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We are the only company in the U.S. that specializes solely in cybersecurity hiring.

Our staffing directors and our internal cybersecurity team understand the roles and responsibilities of cyber professionals, the salary landscape, and the human aspect of the job search.
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The very qualified candidates are getting 10 job requests a day on LinkedIn. At some point your outreach must be differentiated. I think a recruiter that deeply understands what your company offers and what you're trying to accomplish, has better success in selling that role. CyberSN has proven that time and again.
Dan Garcia
Deputy CISO, Datto Inc

Create better job descriptions

Free job descriptions that will attract qualified professionals.
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