Press release: August 2, 2021

New CyberSN Marketplace Empowers Cybersecurity Professionals to Take Ownership of their Careers and Enables Organizations to Build Their Teams for Lasting Success

Industry’s First Dedicated Cybersecurity Career Marketplace Connects Professionals with Job Opportunities that Fit, Industry and Salary Data, Career Planning Tools, and Access to Education, Training and other Resources


BOSTON and LAS VEGAS, AUGUST 2, 2021 -- CyberSN, the industry’s leading cybersecurity career and staffing firm, today launched the CyberSN Marketplace, a dedicated resource that provides cybersecurity professionals no- cost access to jobs, career resources, salary information and job matching needed to successfully accelerate and manage their career success. The Marketplace complements CyberSN’s well established Agency staffing services, which are also accessible to hiring firms at  Between self-service on the Marketplace, and full-service staffing offerings, CyberSN is now the premier one stop shop for all cybersecurity career and staffing needs.

Launching at the Black Hat USA conference, the CyberSN Marketplace delivers access to all of the 53,000+ cybersecurity jobs currently posted in the United States, making CyberSN the premier destination for cybersecurity professionals to find their next job, manage their long-term career success and maximize job satisfaction. The Marketplace builds on the CyberSN Job Taxonomy, a comprehensive and proven model that organizes these jobs based on tasks and projects into 10 categories and 45 functional roles. From executive management to cybersecurity analysts, professionals can make a confidential public profile so they can be found by employers without sharing their identity on a public platform. The CyberSN platform then matches professionals to these jobs based on their confidential profile, and allows them to connect at their choice with jobs that match. Professional members can also take advantage of CyberSN’s career planning and pathing tools, salary and industry data and training and educational resources.

The CyberSN Marketplace is the industry’s first “Deep Job Platform” for cybersecurity professionals. As Industry experts such as Andreessen Horowitz have discussed, deep job platforms go beyond simple job listings to provide “products and features specifically designed for the candidates and companies they work with” within a given vertical.

“The cybersecurity job search process is alarmingly broken. Generic job sites don’t work in this highly specialized and growing field. And cyber professionals often don’t join public networks due to confidentiality and security concerns,” said Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO, CyberSN. “Most job descriptions stink, professionals can’t find jobs that fit their needs and experience and the results speak for themselves. Data shows that 41 percent of cyber professionals want to leave their current employer, but it takes CISOs an average of eight months to find a new position, and at least four months for a security engineer. Our platform fixes this, and getting professionals into jobs that fit isn’t just good for them and their employers, it’s good for the industry.”

Diamond continued, “Our goal is to become the absolute go-to destination for jobs, career expertise and resources for today’s cybersecurity professionals and hiring organizations. CyberSN provides all of the tools and connections that are needed to “Pwn Your Career™” and for hiring firms to build their teams fast and build them to last.”

All cybersecurity professionals are invited to create a confidential profile and browse the jobs that match at the CyberSN Marketplace here.

Besides the taxonomy-driven job listings, search and matching and confidential professional profiles, the CyberSN Marketplace offers tools and services in its Career and Hiring Centers such as a free job description builder, career mapping, and pathing guidance. It also includes the Provider Exchange, a directory of relevant training, education, product and event resources, and, which promotes diversity, equality and inclusiveness in the cybersecurity profession.

“CyberSN’s team understands this constantly changing industry and discipline,” said Bill Pelletier, an Information and Product Security Leader in Boston, MA just placed by CyberSN. “They understand the language, and they care for job candidates as individuals and not just a means to an end. This means that when you’re scheduled for an interview, you’re not talking to just any random company, but one whose needs closely match your abilities and goals. The result is targeted, realistic, and a perfect fit of function, position and -- very important in my personal case -- mission. I cannot say enough positive things about CyberSN and their extended team."

About CyberSN
Founded in 2014, CyberSN is the industry’s leading career and staffing firm solely focused on the cybersecurity talent industry, serving as a trusted brand across the U.S.  From self-service to full-service recruitment, CyberSN provides professionals and hiring teams with the expertise, information, tools, connections and services they need to maximize career success, job satisfaction, and team performance, diversity and retention.

Recognized by its unique care and dedication to the cyber community, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and innovative job search and hiring solutions, CyberSN is the top resource for those seeking the perfect candidate or the perfect job opportunity.

Learn more about CyberSN services, hiring strategies and the 45 functional roles of cybersecurity visit




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