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Depending on who you talk to, there are 50,000 to 60,000 open jobs available for cybersecurity professionals in the United States – add risk management professionals, and the number climbs much higher. The rub is how to match the perfect candidates to the perfect job because it’s as easy as it sounds.

Corporate recruiters and human resources professionals still struggle with issues of making the right hires and encouraging diversity candidates to apply.

Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) will address this issue in an August 4 virtual session at BlackHat with an all-star panel of cybersecurity professionals including Dr. Chenxi Wang, the Founder and General Partner of Rain Capital, an early-stage venture fund focused on Cybersecurity and Aleada Consulting Advisor; Lauren Zabierek, the Executive Director of the Cyber Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center; Rich Noguera, the Chief Information Security Officer at AppDynamics; and, Deepti Hemwani, Head of Product at Dasera. The session is moderated by Elena Elkina of Aleada Consulting, a San Francisco-based Privacy consultancy and a co-founder of WISP.

“It is common to see a massive under-representation of women, people of color, and those with visible and hidden disabilities in the infosec and privacy field,” said Elkina. “We know diversity is a topic of discussion when recruiting and hiring infosec and privacy professionals, but there is often little guidance available to those recruiting for these positions. We want to talk about ways to overcome obstacles and this panel has strong ideas on strategies to recruit for diversity.”

For cybersecurity pros struggling to find the next great opportunity and organizations seeking to make the next great cybersecurity hire, there’s a new platform that helps everyone. CyberSN, a leading cybersecurity career and staffing firm, has launched the CyberSN Marketplace, a dedicated resource that provides cybersecurity professionals no-cost access to jobs, career resources, salary information and job matching needed to successfully accelerate and manage their career success.

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