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We are the industry’s leading career and staffing firm solely focused on the cybersecurity talent industry. We provide professionals and hiring teams with the expertise, information, tools, and services they need to maximize career success, job satisfaction, team performance, diversity, and retention.

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We are a self-funded, woman-owned business, and the only hiring company in the U.S focussed solely on Cybersecurity. 

Companies rely on us as their cybersecurity staffing and recruiting partner to connect them to top industry professionals.

Cybersecurity is our speciality

We defined the 45 Cybersecurity Job Categories, widely recognized as the standard in the industry. Numerous companies have adopted these job categories as their organizational standard. Our customers use this common language taxonomy for their internal cybersecurity team’s job roles and performance reviews.
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Deidre Diamond

Founder and CEO
Founded CyberSN September 2014

Dom Glavach

Chief Security and Technology Officer
Joined October 2016

Mark Aiello

Joined July 2019

Debby Maggio

EVP of Finance & HR
Joined March 2016

Erik Ligda

Director, Product Management
Joined October 2016

Launa Rich

Managing Director, West Coast.
Joined May 2017

Adrianna Iadarola

Managing Director, Northeast
Joined January 2016

Matt Donato

Managing Director, Southeast
Joined July 2020

Dawn Saenz

Account Director, Cybersecurity
Joined October 2014

Amy Knoell

Account Director, Cybersecurity
Joined January 2015

Travis Monson

Director of Cybersecurity Recruiting
Joined October 2017

Drew Crisan

Director of Cybersecurity Recruiting
Joined July 2020

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We only work cybersecurity roles. This is why we defined the 45 Cybersecurity Job Categories, widely recognized as the standard in the industry.

Marketing Executive, Framingham Office



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Administrative Assistant