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SecOps Engineer

Multiple locations

$200,000 - $225,000


Security Architect

US: Boston, Massachusetts

$150,000 - $175,000


Compliance and Risk Analyst

US: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

$75,000 - $100,000


Security Analyst

Multiple locations

$150,000 - $175,000


Security Director

US: Boston, Massachusetts

$175,000 - $200,000


Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

Multiple locations

$50 - $65

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Cloud Security Engineer

Cyber Insider Threat Analyst

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Cybersecurity Administrator

Cybersecurity Specialist

Data Loss Prevention Engineer

Data Security Engineer

Identity And Access Management Engineer

PKI Professional

Security Analyst

Security Engineer

Vulnerability/Threat Management Analyst

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

With equity comes inclusion, which enables diversity. Having a confidential public profile allows everyone to have the same job searching experience regardless of gender, race, age, religion, sexuality, or any other biases.
  • We wasted lots of time working with contingency firms. I wish I worked with CyberSN from the beginning of our search. Life would have been so much easier.
    Barbara Muccia
    AVP, Human Resources, Toa Reinsurance
  • CyberSN, in my experience, has higher credibility job offers than other sources. It’s the most efficient path to job seeking - like having the inside track at companies where I don’t personally know someone. Looking for a job requires a significant time investment and CyberSN made it easier and more efficient. I’ve already recommended them to my peers.
    Lead Security Engineer
    Small Tech Company
  • Without CyberSN, it would be like a mechanic missing a critical tool in their tool chest. You absolutely need to have an external industry expert that's a talent magnet working on your behalf. If you don't, it doesn't mean you can't get the job done. It just means the job is going to be exceptionally harder.
    Ryan Weeks
    CISO, Datto

Our Events

June 6, 2022

RSA Conference in San Francisco - June 6 to 9

RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world comes together. For four days, you’ll gain insights, join conversations and experience solutions that could make a huge impact on your organization and your career. Register Here  
May 11, 2022

Day of Shecurity

The conference begins at 12pm Pacific Time   Day of Shecurity is a free-to-attend interactive one-day conference. Secure Diversity empowers ALL genders and specifically Women to find career opportunities in cybersecurity through our events, our partners, and the support of organizations.
May 10, 2022

Boston CISO Executive Summit

Weaving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into your Organizational DNA with Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN  on May 10th  - 1:20pm to 2:05 pm.

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