Vision and Mission

It's 2016 and we are smarter humans than our recent ancestors could have ever dreamed of but our employment searching process is a big mess. Job information has become hard to find, vague and impersonal. The amount of stress and pressure associated with finding employment bothers the CyberSN team greatly. We are committed to making job searching and hiring simpler.

CyberSN is a technology platform created solely for Cyber Technologists to search and find consumable job descriptions, with the support of a national (soon to be international) network of highly trained cyber security recruiters who understand exactly what cyber security people do. A thought-provoking sabbatical inspired me to personally fund and lead CyberSN. 

I have worked in technology my entire career, and I am particularly grateful for cyber security professionals, who every day work hard to protect us from acts of terrorism, harm to our physical and financial safety, and from the emotional stress caused by others misusing cyber technology. So that cyber security professionals can focus on solving the complex societal problem of cyber crime, CyberSN aims to make job searching and hiring simpler.

According to The (ISC)2 2013 Global Information Security Workforce Study, Frost & Sullivan predicted that by 2015 the number of information security professionals would increase to 1.673 million, and to over two million by 2017, in the Americas alone. So being that cyber security professionals are in high demand, in a field with massive growth, how is it that they still experience an impossible amount of frustration while trying to find a new job?

If you haven't experienced what it's like to be employed while trying to find a new place to work you are very lucky. Most of the time, cyber security professionals end up speaking to people about jobs that aren't the right fit; so finding a new job becomes overwhelming and frustrating very fast. The end result? A job seeker sees a very small portion of the jobs they are qualified for. I don't believe this model is good for the health of organizations or individuals.  We believe this broken model can be fixed and CyberSN is tackling each part of the problem.

By teaming up with many of my old teammates, CyberSN's Leadership Team makes sure that our recruiters are competent sales professionals, trained in the art of understanding need, value, integrity, accountability, making agreements, honoring agreements and win/win conversations. These skills are not easily achieved—and yet without them we end up wasting time looking for and filling jobs. This wasted time turns into frustration and stress all too quickly. I am thrilled to be back in business with so many talented recruiting and technical leaders who are coming together to make hiring simpler. 

In addition, we are working with respected cyber security thought leaders to offer faster, higher-value content to colleges and work environments. We have a cyber security human supply challenge staring us all in the face and the risk of not training more cyber security professionals is too great for us not to help. I look forward to sharing more as we get closer to launching these programs. 

There is power in member numbers and our member number is published on our homepage. Together we can use our strength in numbers to hold organizations accountable to posting highly consumable job descriptions. Together we can make job searching and hiring simpler. 

Posted December, 2014 by Deidre