Matt Donato: Rethinking your Strategy in the Hunt for Cybersecurity Talent

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You tired of hearing about that 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs number?   Matt Stephenson from pm73media interviews CyberSN's Matt Donato on the state of unfilled cybersecurity jobs across the nation.

How bout we dig a little deeper? There are nearly 465,000 unfilled cyber jobs across the nation. (ISC)2 says that globally, the cybersecurity industry is short 3.1 million workers and that in the U.S. alone, another 879,000 are needed.

Analytics Insight forecasts 10,006,993 new job openings in cybersecurity by 2023 compared to 3,241,800 job openings in 2019 Cybersecurity has the widest gap between the workforce skills needs and the people who possess those skills MIT Technology Review fewer than 25% of applicants are qualified for open positions. Medium reports that ICO fines, incessantly evolving threats, and fewer tools are "creating exhaustion" among cybersecurity professionals. Let’s add this from a Google search… As we are all more than likely familiar with how Google searches work. This… from the “People also ask” section

Is cybersecurity a high paying job? Is cyber security a good career? What jobs can you do with cyber security? What are 3 jobs in cybersecurity? Valid questions one and all… What is actually happening in the world of Cybersecurity talent?

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