35 Cybersecurity Jobs

Roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity are not easily defined. Salaries are all over the map. Before you spend time and money hiring cyber professionals, talk to us!

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CyberSN Jobs

Non-Technical Roles

Security Sales Account Manager
Security Project Manager
Cyber Staffing Director
Cybersecurity Attorney
Cyber Insurance Specialist
Technical Writer
Security Awareness Trainer
Customer Success

Technical Roles

Security Engineer
Application Security Engineer
Security Analyst
Penetration Tester
Security Administrator
Incident Responder
Security Reseacher
Forensic Engineer
Reverse Engineer
Security Auditor
Vulnerability Assessor
Intrusion Detection Analyst
Firewall Analyst
Malware Analyst
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Security Sales Engineer
Security Architect

Leadership Roles

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Privacy Officer
Security Director
Compliance and Risk Manager
Security Product Manager
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