October 25, 2021

Engage 2021 by ISACA SF

The ISACA SF Engage Conference is scheduled to take place on October 25-27, 2021 at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA.

Deidre Diamond will share her new talk, "What You Need To Know About Job Searching, Hiring, and 0% Unemployment"

The unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals—the people protecting us from cyber-attacks—is zero and the majority of these professionals are open to leaving their current jobs. With the acceleration of attacks and breaches, our ability (or inability) to recruit and retain cyber professionals is now a major
national security issue. Without a sound workforce retention strategy of career development and strong management EQ skills, the statistics say, your team will struggle to hold on to the best people. As the Founder and CEO of CyberSN, the largest solely focused cybersecurity talent acquisition firm in the
US, Deidre Diamond, and her team of cybersecurity career experts have great data to share. This talk will explore the strategies which cybersecurity managers can use to create teams with retention and career satisfaction.

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