October 26, 2021

Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities 2021

Where the World Does Security - Register here

Tuesday 10/26 - 10:50-12:25 PM PST - Catch Deidre on the Panel "Getting Resources" about how to get what you need from the Board or C-Suite when it comes to your cybersecurity hiring budget for 2022!


2021 is a rare year of awakened awareness and more resources for cybersecurity and digital transformation. For example, the United States Department of Homeland Security has cleared the way for $500 million for local governments annually to secure their networks. Another example is the president's $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal. How do we seize the moment and not waste the crisis?

The 2021 Symposium will showcase timely success stories of Smart Cities and Communities, who have risen to the challenges and built digital safety nets to serve their people equitably, sustainably, and cost-beneficially.

Join the foremost thought leaders and doers in governments, industry, small businesses, academia, and nonprofits to share fresh lessons learned and resources in 2020.

The event is fast-paced. You’ll learn the pressing needs from first-hand decision-makers and implementers, engage in the big picture and strategy re-thinking for a Smart Future, and discuss execution successes and resources:

  • keynotes and open forums

  • use cases (what’s worked in governments, SMBs & partnerships)

  • job fair

  • solutions expo and training

  • Cybersecurity Capture-the-Flag