CyberSN President Discusses Cyber Recruitment in Forbes Article

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media in recent years about a cybersecurity staffing shortage. While it has certainly been a challenge for some companies to fill their cyber teams with great talent, CyberSN President Mark Aiello points out in his recent piece in Forbes,Four (Self-Inflicted) Roadblocks To Finding Quality Cyber Professionals,” some of the struggles companies have could be of their own making.

“As a longtime veteran in the security recruiting game, I witness the perceived cybersecurity talent shortage affecting the industry broadly,” write Aiello. “At the same time, I also know that many of the biggest hardships organizations experience in building security teams are self-inflicted. There are many leaders who manage to attract and maintain stellar teams year in and year out in spite of the perceived shortage, and it's not due to sorcery.”

In his piece, Aiello discusses four common roadblocks and provides a clear fix for companies who are looking for a clear path to filling their cybersecurity roles. You can read Aiello’s full article in Forbes here and get more tips on how to ace cybersecurity recruitment on the CyberSN blog.