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  • The 2015 (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study

    The information security workforce shortfall is widening. In this year’s survey, 62% of the survey respondents stated that their organizations have too few information security professionals.
  • LinkedIn - Why and How People Change Jobs

    Our new report can help recruiters convince the right candidates with the right messages through the right sourcing channels. We’ve uncovered the #1 reason people change jobs, the #1 way they first discover their job, their biggest hurdle to changing jobs, and more.
  • LinkedIn - Staffing Trends 2015

    To build your client base and recruit top talent, you need to understand where the industry is going. This annual report uncovers staffing trends in the U.S. that will power your business forward in 2016 and beyond. Interestingly, this year’s report shows a common denominator between the rising trends: relationships.
  • Channel Partners - Solving Your Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

    Customers can't hire the cybersecurity pros they need. That leaves them vulnerable. For partners, a mix of the right suppliers, smart hiring, in-house training and advanced techs can fill the gap.
  • ISACA - Cybersecurity Global Status Report, 2015

    ISACA conducted the 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report in January 2015 to obtain real-time insights on cybersecurity threats, skills gaps and plans outlined in US President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity address. The survey was conducted just one week before the US State of the Union address, which will cover a range of actions to reduce cyber threats and data privacy risks.

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