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Cybersecurity News: Why Staying Current Is Vital

Uploaded: April 7, 2020
Staying up to date on cybersecurity news is not just about knowing where the latest data breach happened. It also requires following the rapid changes in the industry, and knowing which companies are on the forefront of information security, and who the thought leaders are. Staying on top of cybersecurity news also helps CISOs and […]
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State of the Cybersecurity Job Market and How CyberSN Can Help

Uploaded: April 2, 2020
Friends, Since I was a young girl I have felt a sense of responsibility to care for others, a responsibility to always help when people are scared, sad or stressed. Today I feel this even greater, as our world and our country faces a major healthcare crisis and as our economy is negatively affected; I […]
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Why All Tech Staffing Agencies Are Not Created Equal

Uploaded: March 27, 2020
Have you heard about the workforce shortage in cybersecurity? Skilled cyber professionals are hard to find and desirable jobs at great companies are left unfilled for months. At least that’s what most tech staffing agencies will tell you. This mindset has infected too many companies, their HR departments, and the staffing agencies they hire, leaving […]
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Get Better at Recruiting Women in Cybersecurity

Uploaded: March 27, 2020
It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in cybersecurity. There are plenty of statistics that confirm the lack of gender diversity, including a 2019 survey that showed women make up less than a quarter of the cybersecurity workforce. This number is up from a survey conducted in 2013 that found the cyber workforce was only 11% […]
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CyberSN’s Deidre Diamond Named RSAC2020 Top Speaker

Uploaded: March 20, 2020
If you were at the RSA Conference 2020 this year in San Francisco, you may have caught Deidre Diamond’s presentation on talent exfiltration and the keys to retaining top cybersecurity employees. Deidre has appeared as a RSAC speaker in the past and this year was recognized by the event as a top rated speaker. The […]
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Four Tips to Improve Your Cybersecurity Job Description

Uploaded: March 17, 2020
Many of the challenges firms face when filling cybersecurity positions can be traced back to the job description. Cybersecurity job descriptions are notoriously difficult to write, yet they’re often the first impression a potential hire has of what it’s like to work for your company. With a lack of industry-accepted terms for jobs and roles, […]
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A Chief Security Officer’s COVID-19 Checklist

Uploaded: March 12, 2020
Organizations are taking novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak precautions with employees, travel restrictions are being put in place, and leaders are providing general workplace safety information on outbreak precautions. The chief security officer and your cybersecurity organization have a critical role to play in business continuity and COVID-19 preparations. To remain operational and minimize cyber risk, […]
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Searching Cybersecurity Jobs? How to Find the Right Fit

Uploaded: March 10, 2020
Shifting roles within the cybersecurity industry can be extremely difficult—job seekers are faced with a variety of frustrating hurdles they must overcome in order to find a great career fit. From firms underestimating the importance of cybersecurity roles, to nonsensical job descriptions, to outlandish job requirements, it can take an exhausting amount of effort searching […]
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Cyber Talent Wants to Work for People With High EQ

Uploaded: March 5, 2020
Emotional intelligence in the workplace has been the subject of hundreds of articles, conference talks, and videos, yet it still remains one of the more illusive skills in management. Also known as the emotional quotient, or EQ, it is an essential aspect of managing people, especially in cybersecurity, where burnout is rampant. Founder and CEO […]
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Takeaways From RSA Conference 2020

Uploaded: March 4, 2020
Retaining Cybersecurity Talent: Takeaways From RSA Conference 2020 At the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, I spoke with many, CISOs, and cyber leaders about the tough hiring market for cybersecurity professionals today and what companies can do to improve their recruiting efforts. While there are many methods companies can use to recruit better, […]
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Five Must-See Presentations at RSAC2020

Uploaded: February 17, 2020
Every year, the RSA Conference offers cyber professionals the opportunity to connect with their peers to gain the intelligence, insight, and connections needed to prepare for the future of the dynamic cybersecurity industry. This year will be no different, with hundreds of sessions available for you and your team to learn from the industry’s top […]
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CyberSN President Discusses Cyber Recruitment in Forbes Article

Uploaded: February 6, 2020
There’s been a lot of buzz in the media in recent years about a cybersecurity staffing shortage. While it has certainly been a challenge for some companies to fill their cyber teams with great talent, CyberSN President Mark Aiello points out in his recent piece in Forbes, “Four (Self-Inflicted) Roadblocks To Finding Quality Cyber Professionals,” […]
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5 Tips for attracting cybersecurity professionals

Uploaded: January 30, 2020
While the scramble to recruit and retain smart cybersecurity professionals is universal, some companies struggle more than others. If you ever wonder how some competitors managed to perennially field solid cybersecurity teams while your organization can hardly even find enough candidates for your open jobs, it might be time to evaluate the way you market […]
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Wise Owl Tip: Women Needed To Solve Talent Shortage

Uploaded: January 9, 2020
Friends, my article published on explains how we as civilians can help solve the economic and national security issue of the lack of women needed in cybersecurity. Please read it, reproduced below, and help raise awareness about all the amazing jobs in cybersecurity that are available for everyone. Currently only 11% of our cybersecurity workforce […]
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3 Red Flags in Cybersecurity Postings

Uploaded: October 21, 2019
Firms struggling to recruit quality cybersecurity candidates may be a little too quick to blame the security skills gap without looking in the mirror first. In many cases, companies take themselves out of the running for the best available candidates the day the job is posted. Why? Experienced cybersecurity professionals run away far and fast […]
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Unconscious Bias in Cybersecurity Recruiting

Uploaded: September 30, 2019
The inability for companies to attract a diverse range of candidates is an underlying current to today’s broader cybersecurity staffing crisis. In fact, close to half of security insiders today believe that the underrepresentation of women and minorities stands as a major factor contributing to the current shortage of skilled security workers. Anti-discrimination laws and […]
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Maybe CEOs Aren’t Serious About Building a Strong Cybersecurity Team

Uploaded: September 23, 2019
In the era of the mega-breach, CEOs have increasingly been called on to account for the cyber readiness of their organizations. Ask any CEO and they’ll surely tell you that they consider cybersecurity to be of the utmost importance to their organization—in fact, one major survey of US CEOs this year had them rank cybersecurity as the […]
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The Many Broken Faces of the Cybersecurity Market

Uploaded: July 31, 2019
Today’s cybersecurity teams need all the help they can get to keep up with a breakneck pace of work. Threat Actors barrage corporate systems with new and inventive attacks by the minute. And Cybersecurity professionals are committed to protecting information, privacy, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, security hiring managers struggle to hire talent fast enough […]
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How Much $$$ Are You Looking For?

Uploaded: March 24, 2019
I know – this question makes us uncomfortable. But when job seeking, you will get asked this question. So be prepared with your answer; it’s not hard to do. In fact, it’s a very logical win/win conversation, and one that I will role-play below. Using this discussion model, both the job seeker and hiring manager […]
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Don’t Chase Your Tail! Hire AND Retain Cybersecurity Talent

Uploaded: January 31, 2019
Friends, I wanted to share a precursor to my RSAC 2019 talk. Join me Friday, Mar 08 | 11:10 A.M. – 12:00 P.M for Retaining and Growing Cybersecurity Talent: A Proven Model. RSVP to this session here. Don’t Chase Your Tail! Hire AND Retain Cybersecurity Talent As 2019 begins and companies ramp up their Q1 cybersecurity staffing initiatives, hiring […]
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Vague Info Hurts in Cybersecurity Job Hunt

Uploaded: January 29, 2019
Why do Cybersecurity Professionals have such a hard time finding jobs when they are in such high demand?  Some would contend it’s because there aren’t enough Cybersecurity Professionals in the world. While this argument is true, it is equally true that the reason companies can’t hire has nothing to do with the quantity of talent, […]
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What It Means to Specialize in Cybersecurity Recruiting

Uploaded: January 21, 2019
At CyberSN, helping executive and cybersecurity leadership build their security and sales teams is all we do. We’ve created an exceptional reputation for serving the cybersecurity community, and have earned the respect of hiring organizations and job seekers by delivering results that exceed their wildest expectations. Cybersecurity professionals are not responding to job postings. Companies […]
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Truth Sells. How honest are you with recruiters?

Uploaded: January 14, 2019
How honest are you with recruiters? This is a question for both hiring managers and job candidates. As you can see from my previous posts, I understand poorly skilled recruiters are abundant in the workforce today. However, you won’t know for sure if your recruiter is good unless you’re transparent with them when they ask […]
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Five Wise Owl Cybersecurity Workforce Predictions

Uploaded: January 10, 2019
Hi friends, A new year is upon us and many people have been asking for my insight into the 2019 cybersecurity job market. Unfortunately, talent acquisition and retention statistics did not improve in 2018 and I do not see them improving in 2019. Job searching is broken and our industry lacks succession planning. We will […]
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