Position: Network Security Manager

Industry: Robotics
Location: Bedford, Massachusetts
Position Type: Permanent
Reference #: CSN-JP-00050470

Roles and Responsibilities: 40% Architecting, designing and implementing IT security projects (firewalls, network access controls, etc.) 20% Leading and guiding the entire organization on both IT network practices and connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem 20% Sharing and collaborating with other IT and Engineering personnel beyond InfoSec Team 20% Understanding new and emerging threats, vulnerabilities and exploits; responding to cyber security incidents through remediation efforts What you need to qualify: • Experience with the following: IoT Solutions, Networking, Wireless and Communications Standards ( Wi-Fi, data networking, TCP/IP Layer 2 and 3, Unix, Linux), and Packet Analysis • Knowledge of Cisco Products Pluses: • Previous experience with: IPS/IDS, Network Firewalls, and Web Proxies

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